Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fermi-3 - Army Corps of Engineers review process goes beyond Clean Water Act guidelines - 20 other public interest factors

Army Corps of Engineers' Fermi-3 review will include determining whether the project meets its Clean Water Guidelines, and if so, how the project impacts the public interest. There are 20 public interest factors considered: conservation, economics, aesthetics, general environmental concerns, wetlands, cultural values, fish and wildlife values, flood hazards, flood plain values, land use, navigation, shore erosion and accretion, recreation, water supply and conservation, water quality, energy needs, safety, food and fiber productions, mineral needs, and in general, the needs and welfare of the people.

For more info, see pdf of March 3, 2009 letter from ACS to NRC: John Konik (Engineering & Technical Services Chief, Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District's Regulatory Office), letter to NRC Office of New Reactors' Division of Site and Environmental Reviews, March 9, 2009 (ACN ML090850037)

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